Many people are forgetting to take care of themselves amidst this pandemic, especially students. Unable to see people face to face, there is an increasing disconnection due to the lack of in-person social interaction. This helplessness and frustration soon turns into loneliness and feelings of disconnection. This is where From U steps in.

What it does

From U is a unique and simple user-centric self-care app. It reminds users to take care of themselves among an unprecedented pandemic with short but significant challenges. Every day the user checks in, From U asks them how they are feeling and based on that, assigns a challenge. Once completed, the user is directed to a chatroom, where they meet people who have completed or are completing the same challenge and can discuss, inquire or simply chat!

Challenges we ran into

While fun, building an app from scratch in two days is not easy. We first needed to formulate a solution, complete user research, collect data, create a user persona, site map, user flow, and then create a prototype within the time constraint. And picking a color palette from the vast array known to humankind was not as easy as one would think.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of our teammates are inexperienced, first-time hackers, and freshmen. Coming up with and creating such an innovative app itself is among our biggest accomplishments.

What we learned

The biggest takeaway from this experience is learning to manage our time effectively. We had to research, conduct interviews, and collect data. With the vast array of color palettes known to humankind, picking one was not as easy as one would think. We also learned to collaborate with different designers, all of whom have varying levels of experience.

What's next for From U

The next step for From U is to add a voice call option for users who want to have more personal conversations. We would also like to have experts in our chatroom to provide advice remotely. We would also add a section for blogs about de-stressing, being open about feelings, etc. Our vision is to continue promoting self-care and connection amidst a pandemic.

Built With

  • canva
  • figma
  • miro
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