Wegmans Biodynamic Farming for Coffee - the sustainable, positive impact that even a single farm of coffee can have, and having fun with how to learn an essential skill.

What it does

Virtual Reality for Learning & Awareness.

This product teaches the user a job skill, as well as the value of better product choices. It focuses on the quality of products and how they can be used in the real world, using both Organic and Biodynamic products.

How we built it

Oculus Rift VR: to project user into VR environment Motion Leap (motion capture device): to track user's hands in real time. Ingredients, products: Wegmans API + Constellation brand products

Website: Visual Studio Code- HTML/CSS/jS

Challenges we ran into

The idea itself had too many components to implement in 24 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Use of a virtual reality environment without remote controls. The aesthetic design of the website.

What we learned

How to incorporate the Wegman's API to inform in-game recipes.

What's next for From the Ground Up

Completing more recipes. Finalizing the night mode with a bar setting. A learning component that teaches users about Biodynamic farming and sustainability.

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