Back in the year 2005, prior to the success of the fabled Lo-fi Hip Hop Study Mix, chilled evenings were relegated to only the chosen few. Then Nintendo released Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Contributing to the game's laid-back atmosphere was the dynamic soundtrack that constantly evolved based on the time of day. Suddenly, Nintendo DS owners everywhere had the ability to chill placed within their own grasp. We wanted to re-live those heady days of kicking back on the froggy chair, all within the comfort of our proprietary voice chat software of choice, Discord.

What it does

Froggy Chair Radio is a Discord bot that plays Animal Crossing music based on the time of day.

It can be given commands to play, stop, skip, and BASS BOOST the music at any time!

How we built it

We utilised Node.js, taking advantage of the asynchronism built into the Javascript call stack, to parallelise and run our code.

It turns out that Discord has a nice API with a Javascript implementation that we could take advantage of.

What we learned

Learning some of the standard library functions of Javascript was quite fun!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully acquiring the Animal Crossing music, and creating nice loops from it.

What's next for Froggy Chair Radio

There are multiple Animal Crossing games: with some more sound file editing, we could support the full range.

The games also have weather-dependent music, so Froggy Chair Radio could be tied into a weather API.

On the hour, each the Animal Crossing clock strikes with a customisable tune. This could also be implemented, with some thought, in the bot.

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