43% of Gen-Z have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Writing in a diary is a method that has been proven to reduce anxiety, avoid burnout, and decrease mental distress overall. Our team wanted to create a safe space for users to be able to express their emotions and track their daily mood. Our goal is to help users find healthy ways to support coping and be able to track their progress. The friend activity feature can help users reach out to friends who may need extra support during a difficult time without having to ask for help directly as that can be daunting to some.

What it does is a web app that helps users track their daily moods by recording written diary entries. The froggy will then based on your diary entry analyze and determine your mood for the day and post it to the calendar. Users are able to look at any entries and reminisce on good days and reflect on the bad. There is a friend activity feature where users are able to choose whether they want to share their mood status with their close friends, enhancing a stronger sense of community post-COVID.

How we built it

We first built our design prototype and sitemap using Figma to get a good idea of what needed to be implemented and how. We used the MERN stack to build our web application, where we coded the front end with Javascript, HTML and CSS utilizing the React library. We utilized MaterialUI and CSS Bootstrap to enhance user interface and make a smoother user experience

For the backend, we used Node and Express to implement API endpoints and all necessary functionalities, connected to MongoDB to maintain data persistence.

We implemented the Cohere API to analyze the sentiment of written diary texts and to apply an emotion evaluation of daily diary entry.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to implement the Cohere API as we all had little to no experience working with APIs before this hackathon, it was also our first time applying Express and MongoDB to a project. We also ran into some trouble working with the React Framework and CSS to manipulate our front-end to look how we wanted to based on our original design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have explored more advanced ways in developing an application and are extremely happy with the product we achieved. Every member in our team experienced their first time doing something new. We all deepened our knowledge of development and design throughout this process, learning to work cohesively as a team and step out of our comfort zone.

What we learned

We learnt about full-stack web applications through the MERN stack, and worked on new frameworks we have not yet had the opportunity to do so. We also learnt to implement APIs into our application which was something none of our group members had experience with before. We also learnt the importance of teamwork and collaboration, between developers and designers as we were able to work cohesively together to get a final product.

What's next for

The next step for would be to develop a mobile app for users to be able to create diary entries directly from their phones. We also want to implement more AI related API that can detect users who are struggling with their mental health and send them a motivational message. Finally, we want to further develop the friend feature to allow users to reach out to friends directly on the app, or send an automatic embracing/comforting note based on their moods.

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