A major concern in densely populated cities is the safety of both pedestrians and cyclists on the road, that's why we decided to approach this with new mindset.

What it does

 The Frogger is a safety wearable device for both cyclists and pedestrians that takes feedback from their gestures and outputs signals through LEDs which alert cars on the road.

How we built it

 We used a combination of Myo for analyzing the gestures from the user, raspberry pi to serve as a web server, and Arduino to control the entire mechanism.

Challenges we ran into

 Cross-platform integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 Completing the UI and backend design in the given time.

What we learned

 WHEN IN DOUBT, PUSH (source control)

What's next for Frogger

 Making the device waterproof, adding more features such as, better twilio integration, developing the native android app,  adding more gestures, adding weather updates.
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posted an update

Miguel Lopez:I am having to rewrite your code completely as you did not follow the spec. The next time you want to ride on others coat tails have the courage you GOOF to say it my face when the room is not crowded.

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posted an update

I have to say that the comments by one member on my rudeness after the show. You should have the courage of your convictions to leave before the contest is judged or the good manners to shake a persons hand when they provide you with the idea and the hardware.

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