We wanted to create a choose your own adventure style web app with mini games along the way. We didn't want to get bogged down in creative so we decided to adapt LOTR.

What it does

This is a web app built on React.js that allows the player to make choices, solve puzzles, and play mini games.

How we built it

We used npm create-react-app to set up our runtime environment then began layering React components to make our game! None of us had used React before this hackathon.

Challenges we ran into

This was an entirely new framework to all three of us so there were definitely a lot of challenges. We all had some JavaScript experience though so nothing was impossible to overcome. Some of the issues we faced include: percolating state from child to parent, passing functions from parent to child and vice versa, memory leaks from unmounted processes, different programming styles (functional components vs. class components) and many more!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are super proud of developing a functional and clean game on a framework that we have never used. This was all of our first time even building a game or app outside of the structured setting of the OSU curriculum. We learned a lot and we worked very well together to overcome any challenges our teammates faced.

What we learned

An entire framework!! (kind of)

What's next for Frodo's Nine Lives

We will likely try to polish a few things up then shamelessly spam it to potential employers in the hope of landing a dev job!

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