With Friskie, you can sort through cats and cast your judgement on them with no other particular end goal in mind.

We built Friskie with the intention of using it as a system for animal adoption by the ASPCA. It would also serve as an enjoyable time killer and stress reducer.

We predict the adoption rate of Friskie would be extremely rapid. This is because, cats are simply more viral than dogs in video.

"When advertisers are deciding which creative direction to take, data can help. One big finding we uncovered this year was that cat videos are significantly more watched than dog videos online. We looked at the 100 most-watched clips for both furry friends and aggregated their performance. Cat videos have generated over 1.6 billion views. Dog videos have only generated 1 billion views. Cats win on a daily basis as well, with the top 100 videos generating about 1 million views per day. The top 100 dog videos produce 700,000 views on average. So, for the advertiser trying to choose between cats and dogs, audiences watch cats videos more often online". -http://adage.com/article/digitalnext/ten-stats-change-video-2013/238915/

We would seek to integrate paid advertising into the stream of Cats. Friskie would also donate a portion of its proceeds to benefit animal shelters.

Friskie was build on a LAMP stack using the http://thecatapi.com/

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