As e-commerce business owners, we wanted to converse and encourage our existing customers to generate content post their purchase without any friction and reward them with cashbacks and badges for the posts and referrals.

What it does

The eco-system has 5 distinct apps:

  1. The Frills Messenger Bot drives content generation without any friction by conversing with customers post purchase and encourages them to drive content creation with** powered conversational instructions, 24 hours reminder messages, quick-replies, media attachment messages, messenger menu to track all posts, profile & notifications, & messenger context driven react UI web-views.**

Post collecting content, the bot automatically encourages customers to share content with close friends and tracks the referral sales via the customers and automatically on messenger rewards them cash-backs, custom badges and more.

  1. Discovery & re-engagement via Extension SDK - Our progressive web app, integrates FB Messengers "discovery & re-engagement" solution via chat-plugin to chat with the merchant for queries and ** Messenger check-box** to receive unique discount code on messenger with a shop link . These two features are used to create and nurture referred leads.

  2. FB Messenger Analytics Data - The messenger analytics library along with the FB Pixel ID & is used to track customers shopping and referral journey and provide data to the merchants via customer dashboard.

  3. Shopify App - The merchant tracks interaction data of the bot, PWA & sends rewards to their best customers on FB Messenger via the Shopify dashboard.

How I built it

  1. Frontend: ReactJS + Antd + Messenger SDK + Messenger Webciew
  2. Backend - NodeJS + FB Messenger & Shopify web-hooks. Inferring intent via Database and messenger conversational state via MongoDB. Reminders via BullJS jobs. Quick-replies via redis constants.
  3. Data & Shopify dashboard - Messenger & usage analytics fed into segment cloud functions and stored in AWS redshift warehouse and triggers on that to send rewards & cashback to users via FB Messegner.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Confirming transactional states across different microservices while showing the chat bubble to our users on messenger was the time consuming part. We solved that by optimising our code to the T.
  2. mapping to quick replies

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Building not just an app but 5 distinct technologies and platforms and make a business out of it.
  2. While learning building my app, I contributed a lot to the questions and queries other devs faced on the FB Messenger Developers Facebook page.

What I learned

The complete FB ecosystem, Shopify app development, FB ad accounts and the eco-system.

What's next for Frills

We are going to make the personas and handover protocol better and launch our Shopify app this week with a paid plan to bring more merchants and their customers onto the platform.

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