Problem Statement “I don’t know what food to make” is a common phrase we often say in the kitchen. We sometimes have trouble deciding on what to make for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, even though the refrigerator is fully stocked. As you update Friji with the items stocked in your kitchen, you are given a selection on what you can make based on the available ingredients.

Pain Points

  • Food waste: Leftover food and ingredients go unused because they are forgotten about
  • Saving money: Ingredients that go unused can contribute to a problematic expense
  • Confusion: Canadians want to learn how to cook, but don’t know where to start

What It Does

Our Solution

  • Food Waste: Reduces leftover food and ingredients by helping the user keep track of what’s exactly inside of their fridge
  • Saving money: Save money by using what you already have, buy less groceries/takeout
  • Education: A database of recipes that can tell the user exactly where to start with what they currently have

How We Built It

After discussing problems we relate to, we came up with the idea of food management and meal planning. After sketching out possible flows and the one we would develop for the presentation, we wired them and designed hi-definition screens in Figma. Once the design of the application was complete, we wanted to focus more on the back-end portion of the app.

Challenges We Ran Into

  • Visual Studio for Mac was very difficult to work with
  • Xamarin was a library that none of the group members had any experience and spent time learning it during the Hackathon
  • Working with APIs was a learning experience for us and took time to understand how to use it

Accomplishments That We’re Proud Of

We’re proud of being able to use a new tool cross functionally. Normally, Figma is used by designers but getting our team to use it for dev work was a huge realization on the power the tool has and will affect our workflow in the future. For this, we were very proud that we taught ourselves how to use APIs, such one from Spoonacular and Microsoft.

What’s Next for Friji

We hope to build out more flows and work out the kinks when it comes to the item recognition. In the future as we learn more about AI and machine learning, and instead of taking one picture of an item at a time, it would be able to identify multiple at once.

Built With

Figma, Microsoft Cognitive Vision, C#, Xamarin, Spoonacular API, Visual Studio

Built With

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