A person’s social circle is often the best recommendation engine. We surround ourselves with people who share our views on music, art, politics, etc. With an easy, unobtrusive login, Frienvy allows a customer to view a browse page filled with products based on and including those their friends have purchased.

Our prototype consists of two parts that could be combined to create a simple, one-click option to browse a friend-curated set of products:

Some sort of Facebook Login button

'Facebook Login' is a way to connect your website to Facebook in some fashion. You could use it to manage logins to your app, but there are three 'user permissions' that Facebook will give you without any sort of review on their part: user_profile, user_friends, and email. We care about the user_friends.

Every distinct 'app' on facebook (our app is called 'Frienvy' at the moment, 'friend' + 'envy') has facebook users tied together in some fashion. So, every FB Frienvy user has a distinct ID number. With the Facebook API, it's easy to get access to the ID of the currently logged-in user, and it's trivial to access the 'FB Frienvy App ID' number of that user's FB friends (with the 'user_friends' permission).

This means that we can tie together the social network of our customers to our own customer records. One application for that (I'm sure there are others) would be 'Frienvy', a browse page of your friends' acquisitions.

A browse page with your friends' purchases on it

Now, in order to use Facebook Login we needed to do some OAuth magic to get the login button to work, which meant we needed an externally-visible site. Which in turn meant that we couldn't put any sort of Wayfair database stuff on that site. So Sagar and Nik were going to rig up a browse page with random order history purchases on it, but Sagar is out sick with the crud. Soooo...Here's a crummy picture I made in GIMP of a fake browse page with envy-green FB icons denoting who among your friends owns what.

There are loooots of things WF can do with more FB permissions or a more-refined social strategy. Here are some ideas

  • Offer a promo code to people who give us loads of FB permissions, say $10 on something your friend owns
  • Allow users to post PDPs to their FB feeds (why not?)
  • Image search users' timeline photos and try to tag WF products
  • Serve these tagged image to users' friends as personalized ads or recommendations

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