I had this idea for a long time before I built it with a team of 3 other people. I thought it would be great practice in Rails and Javascript to collect and visualize this data graphically, and that it would be very valuable to individuals and businesses interested in growing and maintaining a social media presence. 

What it does

Shows specific usernames and count of followers and unfollowers at any point in time. Using background jobs we update this information every half-hour. It also shows all the tweets posted on the user's account form the last 30 minutes, to help give a better understanding of how changes in followers occurred.

How I built it

Rails, Javascript on the front-end

Challenges I ran into

Hosting on Heroku posed some challenges due to the idiosyncrasies of the background jobs we were using. This is actually something we are still working on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing this project in a week with great results, we exceeded our own expectations about what we could build and were able to incorporate more features than we originally planned.

What I learned

How to use background jobs

What's next for FriendTrends

Debugging some of the issues with Heroku to hopefully restore full functionality to the site.

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