What it does

Did you know you could download your entire Facebook history and then parse through all your messages? Did you also know that our app helps you analyze that data in order to tell you the entire history of your friendships? Our app uses several APIs and Highchart to visualize and analyze your messages. You can search for a specific friend on your friend list on Facebook and view your entire message history together, as well as analyze the sentiment behind your interactions (positive, negative, or neutral) over time. You can see your blossoming friendships or your heartbreaking fallouts - all in beautiful data form :)

How I built it

Dax parsed through a lot of the data and I used that data to build the frontend and visualize it as well as parse through some extra fun data.

Challenges I ran into

Making sure the chart accepted our JSON format was a mild nightmare, but it mostly went without any hitches.

Also, it turns out message data is VERY large and we had to upgrade our Linode account several times over in order to process it all.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built this in less than 9 hours! We haven't slept in over 24!

What's next for friendship is magic

Hopefully full implementation where users can input their own message data for parsing.

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