Have you ever forgotten to follow up a conversation with a friend in the past year?

Every day we receive and sent a lot of messages, WhatsApp alone sees 30B every day, apps like Messenger have 700 Million users. But among all the messages, there are some that we miss or forget getting back to.

What it does

FriendShip is a Chrome extension on top of Facebook that reconnects you to forgotten friends and messages

This is done by adding 2 new features:

  • Lightweight reminder cards on your newsfeed
    • Passively reminds you to follow up on old messages.
  • Ship it mode
    • Added on top of
    • Follow up on all the conversations you have pending

What's next for FriendShip

Hopefully this turns into a Facebook feature? :-)

Built at Facebook's Global Hackathon Finals 2015

Built With

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