Books are slowly disappearing. Maybe because they can be a bit expensive, or just because the digital devices are taking over. But we believe in sharing to give them a future!

What it does

Simply log in on our website using your Facebook login, take a photo of your bookshelf with your smartphone, and get started right away! You'll be able to see your friends' books, request a loan,...

How we built it

When a picture is uploaded, we first query Microsoft Computer Vision API to extract the text from your photo, then query Google Books API to find out informations about your books. The books per user as well as loans are stored in our SQL database, that is queried using Python. The webapp is built using React.

Challenges we ran into

Make the different technologies work together, get started with React, Azure, full stack.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It kind of works!

What I learned

React, full stack, Microsoft Cognition

What's next for FriendsBooks

Polishing the website, host it (it's running locally for now) improving image recognition with preprocessing.

Built With

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