(A video of the Demo) FriendSafe is a mobile phone application that inspires, connects and empowers young adults to prevent dating violence and sexual abuse.The app provides an interactive interface to help users go through a series of "vetting" questions to see if they could be with a potentially dangerous partner or in a dangerous situation that could lead to dating violence and/or sexual assault. The app allows users to connect to a group of trusted friends that the user can turn to advice or to inform of their whereabouts if going on a date or interacting with a new dating/intimate partner. FriendSafe also allows users to directly connect to local domestic violence and sexual assault organizations and hotlines if the user is in a dangerous situation or simply needs help with strategies to recognize and get out of an abusive dating situation. In addition to working with potential victims, the app seeks to engage bystanders to act if they see something that does not look right. FriendSafe gives suggestions for actions to the bystander based on the ONE ACT curriculum from UNC - Chapel Hill, and input from the NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault. It also allows the bystander to connect directly to resources such as hotlines and local programs to discuss the situation they are seeing and what to do. FriendSafe seeks to empower the bystander to act when they see something that could escalate into dangerous behavior, and puts the responsibility for creating safe campuses in the hands of all students. Link to FriendSafe's Features Link to Data Sets Used Acknowledgements  

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