Core problem

  • There's no good solution on the market for exchanging short term work. The existing platforms are not really offering solutions to most of us, because they are not connecting the real people, they are acting as agents (but not efficient), don't provide enough background to facilitate the decisions.
  • Independent workers lack the feeling of belonging to a community - they can get really lonely and stuck inside their heads. There's no-one to support their efforts and they they often times can't afford mentoring and coaching services.

The core value

Peer to peer support and networking on the basis on common values, interest and personality traits. Possibility to exchange work, form teams, be more efficient and happy.


Where would you go to make new friends? For real? Especially now, during the COVID-19 crisis, when everybody is forced to stay home. Being physically separated from friends and co-workers creates an even stronger need for belonging.

In times when everything is rapidly turning digital we are trying to find better ways to convert the real life processes into virtual ones without losing the essence, the soul. The crisis has shown us how much and how fast the nature of work can change. Unemployment is a big threat to our way of life. Freelancers and SMEs are the worst affected by this socioeconomic crisis and, in many cases, have ceased to operate.

In contrast, there are other sectors that see their business grow. It is in our hands to accelerate the connection between labor supply and demand by bringing more people together online with a clear focus of working together. Wonderful things can happen if synergy is facilitated.

This is not only a crisis solution, but a new way of looking at work.

  • work can be global, remote and flexible
  • people can be offering work and seeking work (projects, missions) at the same time
  • people have more skills (aptitudes) that they usually write in their CV
  • people can provide value on various skill levels: you can be expert in something and a beginner in something else (might want to gain experience by working for a lower fee)
  • especially during hard times one might consider bartering or pro bono work.
  • some people want to accelerate their growth and learning by working with different projects extra to their everyday life.
  • we want to connect people with great ideas with people with matching skills in every profession every day.
  • we don’t stop there - we want to make sure teams fit and grow into each other and make friendships for the longer run.
  • forming the team virtually might be challenging, we want to give tips and tricks to make the team forming fast and accurate.
  • we have a dream to bring together well performing teams

Young people already have different attitudes towards work, they need a different approach. Young people's (16-26 years old) unemployment rates will probably also raise after COVID-19 as it did after the previous economic crisis. We’re thinking of a dynamic, fun and approachable platform that will engage different age groups.

Target group

Freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, SME owners, people looking for additional income, people wanting to grow their social network, organizers of virtual hackathons.

We believe working remotely - from home or from trips around the world - will be wide spread if not the norm. People want to get diversity into their lives, regardless of their profession. Co-location is not mandatory for so many different types of projects if the teams get enough support. If we deduct from the remote working the pain of being alone and without a good professional network, we will be much better prepared for the next crises like this.

The target group is everybody, who wants to work temporarily on ideas they want to contribute - from creating events, arts, printing 3D to build top-nodge software.

What it does

  • Community for independent professionals
  • Helps to find short term work
  • Facilitates making friends
  • Connects people with skills and ideas to have passionate project deliveries
  • Connects people with similar interest for mentoring and growing together
  • Help people to get mentors, feedback and grow in their skills
  • Help people to have some fun together
  • Provides best practices on building virtual teams with tips and tricks about social, but also tooling.


USER User profiles are a key asset for the platform. It's also among the first things one sees when logging in. You should be able to get a good first impression about the people in seconds (similar to dating apps). Seeing other users (that are selected to match your interests) is one of the reasons people want to return to the platform. Just pure human interest and curiosity.

Forms to add personal profile:

  • Name, profession, skill-set (normal CV type of things), experience
  • Personality type, some results from different tests
  • Experience from the platform (endorsements, badges)
  • Interested projects (skillset, length, timezone, type (nonprofit, profit,...))


Forms to add the projects:

  • Objective/Goal
  • Problem it tries to solve
  • What skills are needed
  • How long, hard deadlines, ...
  • Benefits for the participants (salary, share, just fun, charity,...)

MATCHING specialists with projects Tinder-like left-right scrolling from mobile device for the specialists. The projects come in only if they match at least some of the criteria specialist has and wants to get. Project lead can then choose from the list of participants with whom they want to work with.

FORMING During the forming of the team, the team lead gets supported by the platform by using tools. Platform should also suggest some cool materials to form virtual teams: team forming, virtual games, tooling for collaboration etc. Bringing in the best materials of different tools

MATCHING specialists for mentoring Every person wants to learn something new, there is someone who can help to achieve it.

HAVING FUN Links and then results of some different tests. Share the results, make some friends.

FEEDBACK After each project, the platform encourages people to give each other feedback to help each other to be more awesome. Some “badges” to give out to each other would be also nice and visible to the next project initiators.

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