King of Glory: Li Wang; Nan Zhang; Yiming Chen; Mengyu Peng; Yun Fan;


Many travel websites in the market now limited the function to recommend the famous scenic spot.However, some single travelers are more willing to join the local activities to meet new friends and get a deeper understanding of the local culture.

What it does

Therefore we wanna create a "Find Friends for Fun” website. When you search the destination, you can find the local activities posted by local people instead of popping up the famous place. It is easier for tourist to join the activity and make new friends with the deeper understanding of the local culture.Meanwhile; the local people who post the activity can also get fun and meet friends from worldwide. With Four Catalogues: Sports; Food; Entertainment;

  1. Tourist can use our websites to find the latest activities which match their location to join in. As for sports, they can join in some activities like fishing, climbing, camping with their new local friends in Australia; As for food, they can go dining or hold a dinner party at home; For entertainment, they can go clubs with local characteristics.
  2. Residences can use our website to post an activity and take full use of their idle resources such as the spare ship, camping bag, cars. As organizers, they can get some certain income from the activity.

How I built it

Jquery, javascript, HTML, CSS

Challenges I ran into

We started this project with a quite big idea, while with very limited consideration of the quantity of work and what technics we should use. It's been hard to establish a whole project, so we adopted the Wix tool as the framework and wrote some custom widget, but it's also limited our team

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Although we cannot say it's a thought or website that can shock the world, we think this website is a new business model than other travel websites which emphasizes more on tour route. Every group member worked so hard to try to solve problems as we can consider and finally the website can be shown as our purpose.

What I learned

I learn the process of analyzing business environment, target market and the demand of target customer. The most annoying part is brainstorming that everyone tries so hard to get a very creative idea and we need to filter that gives up many thoughts. How to communicate with your teammates is also meaningful because you need to find reasonable evidence and have a clear logic in your mind so that you can convince them.

What's next for Friends for Fun?

  1. We will cooperate with the local government or local Tourism Bureau to set up more meaningful activities.
  2. We will hold marketing activities to promote our website accordingly to our target customer.
  3. We will make further sub-classified of the activities.
  4. Enhance the module of local active community on our website.
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