How many times have you passed your friend on the street without even seeing them> Probably more often than you realize. With such a technology centric society, too many people forget to look up and see the world around them. Our app reminds users to do just that, and to say "hello" to a friend that they otherwise would have blindly passed. We believe our app reminds others to see what truly matters in the world: each other.

What it does

FriendsFindMe notifies users when another user passes them on the street using their GPS locations. An arrow appears on the users' watches' screens, pointing them in the direction of their friend.

How I built it

This project services multiple platforms. Xcode and swift were used to communicate between iPhones and iWatches, our Android application, built using Android Studio, communicates with Pebble watches, which were programmed in C. These apps are both served by a back-end written in Ruby on Rails on AWS Elastic Beanstock.

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