Since we don't want to expose our Google API key on GitHub and we haven't found a good way to deal with it inside google chrome extension app, we decided to make the repository private. If you need to see the code, please request us.


One of the major student problems comes from distractions on the internet (Facebook, Youtube, games), especially when its exam season. Moreover, we tend to overlook our non-productivity but tend to feel bad when there is someone watching. Hence, we want to create a Chrome extension who, by perfect timing, sarcasm, and humour, not only reminds us to prepare for our exams but also makes us feel good about our productivity and worry about our wasting our time.

What it does

When you go online, Sarcastic Reminder detects how productive you are. It also connects to your Google calendar to identify if you have any upcoming exams. Based on the urgency of your exam schedule and your productivity level, Sarcastic Reminder will create sarcastic messages/reminders accordingly, motivating you to be the most productive version of yourself.

How we built it

  • Four main components:
  • Request Rescuetime's data through APIs & Http Query to identify the productivity level
  • Access user's Google Calendar through APIs to identify exams and get their dates
  • Create a "library" of sarcastic but helpful messages
  • Coding an algorithm to generate an appropriate message from the urgency of the tests and productivity levels of the student

Challenges we ran into

  • Merge everyone's code in the team together
  • Make authentication work
  • Manage bunch of JAVASCRIPT CALLBACKS

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Managed to sleep less than we ever did before.
  • We think we kinda accidentally shut down Rescuetime's server by retrieving the API key every 5 seconds (really they should have limited API key's access frequency).
  • Most importantly, we had fun!!!

What we learned

  • Retrieving and manipulating API's data, being patient and hopeful even when the deadline is approaching
  • How to build a chrome extension.

What's next for Sarcastic Reminder

The possibilities are endless, really. For instance, we can extend the scope to more specific deadlines, not just exam dates, or include a variation of reminding methods, such as images, gifs.

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