In my childhood i wanted to explore the magical galaxy which we only saw in books and TV channels but in reality we couldn't. We all have a dream to go to space and explore the planets but it is not possible for all.we wanted to tackle problem we all struggled with and knew many of our peers were struggling with. So I built a virtual reality of Solar system for educational purpose or to meet the expectation of all students.

What it does

It actually give you virtual freedom to explore the planets of Solar system. This web app combine 3D and VR interfaces to form a virtual galaxy where you can move forward and backward by clicking the + or - buttons. There are 3D models of planets and satellites with its actual surface view , size and rotation .

How I built it

I built this web app with React360/VR and Blender . I used React360 framework to build the virtual galaxy where there are pano image of galaxy, 3D models of planets made by blender and vr buttons to give the viewer a movement to explore the VR user interface . I made the UI more interactive and playful for the users.

Challenges I ran into

I faced difficulties to render different 3D models and I came to understand this more easier to optimize the creation of user interfaces that power rich multimedia experiences. I recommend the user to open the link in desktop Link

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of to build an app which help the student community to explore the the secrets of galaxy by exploring in VR

What's next for Friendly Planets - Flying in Space with VR

In future I want to add voice command to it to make it more interactive.

Built With

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