Wanted to build something with multiple levels of security, and that would allow safe and easy access to friends/family/guests

What it does

-Guest approaches the door lock, and the proximity sensor will take a picture at 50 cm or less -The picture will be sent through the aws rekognition software to identify the guest at the door -The picture is forwarded to the house owner's phone as a sms message through twilio -The owner is asked to verify the guest via a yes or no response -If the owner replies yes, the picture is sent through aws facial recognition and placed into the database, and the door is unlocked -If the owner replies no, the door lock denies the guest access to the house

How we built it

started with a flask webserver that is hosted on aws, this acts as an endpoint, and verifies users. Used raspberrypi with the pi camera and proximity sensor, to imitate the doorlock

Challenges we ran into

python mongodb server aws rekognition

Accomplishments that we're proud of

getting the raspberry pi to imitate the doorlock -configuring the proximity sensor, and photos

What we learned

python, raspberry pi, webhooks, aws services, mongodb stitch

What's next for Friendly Neighbor

going home to sleep, and world domination

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