-solution Cross-platform social network mobile app

-executive summary, Friendly is an app where those with mental health conditions or take care of individuals with mental health conditions can meet similar people, find resources, ask questions to the community or seek professional advice.

-Design/features 1- Getting quick advice on their condition from mental health professional through one-on-one messaging. Professionals will charge per hour of their service. 2- Search engine for finding resources (events/articles/support groups/health care providers ) to help people with mental conditions 3- An online forum where consumers with similar conditions can discuss and ask questions about issues facing them. Questions can be answered by professionals. 4- Consumers can view the app completely anonymously and can opt-in have their level of privacy lowered. 5- Consumers can put in a location to see other people with their condition in their area

-Launch plan Before app launch, we will work with healthcare providers and professionals to add to our database so it is ready for launch. Invite professionals, developers, and tech community to launch event.

-Sustainability plan 1- We will take a 20%/hour from health care professionals who will charge consumers per hour for their one-on-one time 2- companies/individuals can pay to promote their services/resources on the app 3- In-app advertisement 4- customers can opt-in to a premium subscription to see no ads in the app 5- grants?

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