A few years ago one of our team members experienced a great misfortune. From one day to the other his uncle was paralyzed, since then he is tied to his wheelchair. He then experienced loneliness and his circle of friends decreased significantly. We wanted to takle this problem in our hack, by on the one hand helping disabled people to make new friendships and on the other hand supporting non-disabled people to better understand living with disabilities.

What it does

We provide a state-of-the-art platform using advanced clustering techniques. Based on data we provide users with optimal friend suggestions and help them make meaningful connections.

How we built it

Our backend uses an online k-clustering algorithm based on cover tree data structure which is implemented in python. It collects the data and does the analysis and matching. We have a frontend mobile iOS application written in Swift. App and Backend are connected using flask in python.

Challenges we ran into

Changing small pieces of code has a huge impact and takes a lot of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The system now works!

What we learned

How we can design a system that works and how we can work together as a team of unexperienced hackathon applicants.

What's next for friendie

Publishing it so that it helps people in real life!

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