Our project was inspired by the isolation brough on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to find a way to allow people to connect during a pandemic where we are all seperated, and making a new online game is a great way to do that. This online game would be great for meeting new people in an online enviroment, so we used our coding skills to get this to work.

The way our game works is that two people will answer questions about themselves and their partner, and the website will see if they were able to guess what their partner answered for themself and vise versa.

The way we did this is first we created a web server on Google Cloud using the flask python library. We used MySQL for a database to store our users and allow them to log on. After this we working signup and login pages. Once a user is logged in, they will get matched on a matchmaking page, and the game will commence. After the questions are answered, the users get to see the compared answers provided by the server.

We have a couple future goals for this project. One is to implrment a chatting option before and after the game so users can continue to talk after playing. Another is to matchmake by interests so people who are similar will get matched. Overall we enjoyed working on this project and hope to connect people in the isolated world of COVID-19.

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