FriendApps is all about "smart app discovery".

It allows you to also see which apps your friends use and automatically detects most apps on your smartphone (best recognition rate!), so you can share those with your friends as well (if you want to).

A great benefit: you can get chargeable apps for free by collecting "gift codes" just through being active.

Additionally FriendApps not only offers the "app of the day", but also a list of special offers (for example trending, priced-reduced or "today for free" apps).

Also interesting for publishers is the "app checkin" function, which they can implement to allow users to share their app via "checking in".

So FriendApps is a great tool for users to find new valueable apps, which their friends already find useful and also for app-developer / publisher to promote their apps by integrating the "checkin button".

Thanks to Appcelerator, we could develop this app only within some weeks. We are using ACS push notification and many custom modules (Marketplace and in-house development).

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