Social media has been constantly increasing and becoming more time consuming, so we wanted to create a project that would summarize what happened in the last 24 hours on just a screen, without having to scroll down.

What it does

Puts your own profile picture in the middle of the screen and connects a line to other peoples' posts. Posts were chosen based on: the number of mutual friends the poster has with the user, the number of likes the post gets, if the poster tagged a certain user, and the location (We focused on Instagram for this project).

How we built it

For front end, we used Flask to visualize data on the screen, and for back end, we used Selenium to parse Intsagram posts to retrieve the data.

Challenges we ran into

Instagram's API was difficult to navigate so we had to figure out a way to parse Instagram's data ourselves.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully figuring out how to retrieve certain data from our own Instagram account.

What we learned

How to use certain frameworks and learn how to obtain data without an API.

What's next for Friend Zone

Do a similar idea with another social media app.

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