Persona is a voice-enabled personalisation agent that personalises and delivers digital contents from different services such as SPH and OCBC using a simple voice command such as “show me some news” for personalised news contents and “book me a taxi” for single-step taxi booking instead of multiple steps of clicking through the app just to book a taxi. All the user needs are to say what he or she needs or wants to do and the rest of the steps are done by Google Voice Assistant using your existing data in your apps you have used previously.

Won the first prize in the OCBC & Starhub Smart Living Hackathon 2018 in Singapore.

Featured on SPH Straits Times ( and NUS School of Computing News (

Built With

  • actions-on-google
  • cloud-functions
  • dialogflow
  • firebase
  • google-voice
  • google-voice-assistant
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