As soon as we talk about food, We have to talk about farming as well This is the mistake we have made in our society that we have started looking at food and farming as two different things Food means "Solutions Farming means "Problems If agriculture is not a priority then, food can't be a priority, health can't be a priority. the techniques are called Permaculture i.e. permanent culture

  1. harvesting the rainwater
  2. no machinery to plow the land
  3. growing crops according to seasons
  4. growing multiple types of crops at the same time

I feel permaculture is the need for today because it takes care of the health of the three elements air, water & land

What it does

It is a website to spread awareness about permaculture.

How we built it

I built a webpage trying to create awareness and influence people to adopt permaculture in their farms as well as backyard gardens. Used Html. CSS. Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Due to some reasons, I was not able to complete my project So I build this website for awareness.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Spreading knowledge or influencing people to adopt sustainable and ecological systems always feels good.

What we learned

I learned many things about permaculture, hydroponics, aquaponics. Never quit between hackathons and at least try to submit whatever you have.

What's next for Friend or Foe

I will try to implement knowledge learned in the process in my backyard garden.

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