We were inspired by games like "Twitch plays Pokemon" and "Choice Chamber" with utilize Twitch chat rooms to allow many people to join a server and play a game at the same time. Instead of a traditional game where players interact with other players in a static environment, we wanted to create something where anyone could join and control the environment in real-time.

We created a game that allows any player that joins the server to modify the environment as the host player moves around in real time. We have dirt blocks, fire, and healing blocks that the users can modify.

We initially had trouble setting up the server in a way that synchronized the client- and server-side information smoothly. In order to prevent visible lag, parallel computations had to be performed on both the client and the server, with regular updates from the server to make sure the client's information was updated. None of us had ever used Node.js (or much JavaScript at all) prior to yesterday, and over the course of 24 hours we dove into sockets.io to allow real-time updates, canvas to display animations, and dabbled in other unfamiliar tools such as express.

We are proud of the animated blocks, which we drew ourselves using digital drawing software.

If we had more time we would add panning for a larger environment, enemies, falling/moving blocks, and many more types of objects and animations for the player to interact with. We would also introduce more game modes, some of which may have more defined goals like collecting coins or exploring a level.

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