30% of food from the farm never reaches a fork. Out of those, 40% will slowly go bad in your fridge and another 40% will be left out because of transportation.

What it does

Our android app scans your grocery items and helps you think about the forgotten stuff that lies in your fridge by proposing you plates that will be both enjoyable for you and use a maximum of your close-to-peremption items. When you are at the market, it can also help organise meals by giving you clever buy choices.

Also, we have integrated a XDK sensor from Bosch that keeps an eye on the temperature of your shopping cart, so you're never sad about throwing away some delicious cheese right after your Saturday trip at la Migros.

How I built it

We've done it using Android Studio and the libraries provided by Bosch. For the scanning part, we've been using a pretty nice Android app called zxing.

Challenges I ran into

We've ran into several challenges. The biggest one surely was mastering the XDK and learning how to "talk" to it. Building an Android app was also quite a difficulty since we had very little experience with that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Anyway, it was a lot of fun! And we're quite proud of the result, especially the fact that all those very different pieces are working hand in hand together.

What I learned

XDK, Android Studio

What's next for FridgeToGo

Including larger dataset such as more recipe and ingredients. Why not using some online shop stuff?

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