We propose an expiration date tracking device that helps reduce food waste by listing soon-to-be expired food in a user’s fridge. The device scans food items that users are putting into a fridge, and uses information from their barcode to retrieve their product names and estimated expiration date. The device takes the form of a magnetic clip that can be clipped to a refrigerator’s door shelf when scanning items, or attached to the surface of a fridge when not in use.

The device will consist of a barcode scanner that determines the type of food being scanned via the use of a barcode detection API and an online barcode database. Once the item is categorized, the device calculates an estimate for its expiration date using another online database. After that, the device will display the item name and estimated expiration date on its touchscreen. Users can override the results if they wish to, by inputting self-defined item names and expiry dates on the touchscreen.

Once the user is done scanning items, they can remove the device from the fridge’s door shelf and attach it back to the outside of the fridge. When not in use, the device simply acts as a magnetic clip that displays expiration dates.

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