We wanted to help people by giving them cooking advices, tips and recipes according to the content of their fridge. College students usually eat junk food, therefore our main goal was to create an application helping them in eating healthier.

What it does

By using this application, you can take photos about ingredients, right from your fridge, and It gives you possible recipes which can be cooked from the goods you have, meanwhile it allowes you to get informed about nutrition data about these recipes.

How we built it

We decided to make the application on Android platform. We used Android studio for development as an IDE. We were four, so we tried to separate the tasks between us. We used two API-s, one from Google called Google-cloud-vision to process the photos which were taken, and the other one called Spoonacular, to get the best recipes, which fit the user's demands.

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges with delegating and managing our tasks, and connect the modules which were develpoed by differenet members of our team. We left not enough time to connect these elements of the system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Altough the results are not the ones we really wanted, the modules are working correctly, and we only had issues with merging the modules. That means, with a little plus effort we will be able, to create a useful solution.

What we learned

As being "newies" to Hackathons, our most important lesson to take home, is to learn the importance of managing the team as a whole and give us time to run the whole system together. Next time we will use a task managing tool for sure. During our hacking we explored some of Google's cool APIs and the value of blending the power of these tools

What's next for FridgeScanner

We believe this app could help - not just our - but our friends lives too, who are college students like us. Eating healthy is a big challange for students and there is always need of a little help in this issue.

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