Our team’s mission is to create an application that helps everyone keep track of the food products.

Food insecurity is a strategic issue, as people do not live long without food. On the other hand, food safety is a more "civil" topic: it concerns the quality of products intended for human consumption, the nutritional properties of these products, food hygiene, long–term effects on human health, food additives used in production, and similar issues.

The issue is more complex because surplus food production needs to be disposed of, and throwing away food in a world where so many poor and hungry people live. Individuals regularly dispose of old food stored in the kitchen, and governments periodically have to dispose of strategic stocks stored in State food supply systems and renew them.

What it does

FridgeNote’s main purpose is to keep track of the timely use of food products and grocery items by storing them in Google Cloud Firebase, allowing the user to freely manage his data. The user is able to create his personal account with email and password, starting to input grocery products and their expiration dates after creating or login into his personal account. The program helps you to organize every item in your fridge and safely stores your data in the app using Cloud Firestore.

How we built it

We build our mobile app with Python, using an open-source Kivy framework for developing our app with the user interface. We managed to transfer user's account information and their inputs into the Google Cloud Firestore as the database making it easier for users to access their information. We used KivyMD for designing our app.

Challenges we ran into

The whole idea of the project was challenging for our team, but we supported each other and learned from our mistakes.

  1. One of the biggest challenges was working with Kivy, a cross-platform Python framework, and KivyMD, especially trying to figure out all the features of that framework.
  2. Setting the environment and install all the packages wasn't easy but we succeeded.
  3. Integrating the codebase with Firebase was really a tricky part as we never worked with it before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of transferring the user's input and store it into a database as none of us have ever worked with one, also we managed to get the user's authentication credentials in this case it was email and password, and later passing these credentials to the Firebase Authentification Database. Additionally, we are proud to integrate everything and make our application work.

What we learned

We learned everything new about Python by creating this project, starting with generating simple lines of codes in the terminal and ending with understanding the concept of the Kivy framework, KivyMD for designed purposes by making our app more innovative and multi-touch user interface, and also understanding how to connect the Google Cloud Firestore with the application codebase to store the user input for each item and user data.

What's next for FridgeNotes

Right now we have so many ideas for this project since we all learned everything ourselves, we would like to add:

  1. The feature allowing the user to scan expiration dates instead of inputting them
  2. Add more design, pages, and pictures to our app
  3. Include sound clicking for buttons and music background for the app

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