MCIT On-Campus 2021 Winter Hackathon


Team Members Name | Year ------------ | ------------- Andrew Och | 2022 Jackson Golden | 2022 David Binstock | 2022

General Idea
An app that will give you recipe ideas based only on the ingredients you have in your kitchen. The user will enter the items they have in their fridge, cabinet, etc. and the app will query for recipes based on those ingredients, then pare down the list to exclude any recipes that have additional ingredients. We also plan to differentiate between essential ingredients that users are likely to have on hand but not specify (such as salt and oil) and other optional ingredients (such as spices, condiments, and garnishes). If there is time we may also try to include functionality to ask if users have other ingredients they did not originally specify. The final list of recipes should be ones that the user can follow without having to go to the grocery store or knock on a neighbor's door!!

Anticipated Stack
Recipe API: Recipe Puppy ( We may decide to include others at some point.
Front End: React-Native
Backend: Django/Python

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