We all have encountered the problem when we opened our fridge and found something went expired by surprise. With all the fruit, vegetable, dairy products we keep in the fridge and busy school works, it is hard and tiring to keep track of all the expiration dates manually. A lot of food ends up in the dumpster in this way. This not only leads to financial waste for students but also causes a huge waste of food. In order to prevent this major waste, We developed our Frigi-track, to remind people of the freshness of their food.

What we learned

Our idea rooted from a small incidence of life, and we noticed how technology can elevate the quality of details in lives and there are still numerous possibilities we can create with technology. Through front-end website development, we gained a better understanding about how to design and build an aesthetic, user-friendly, and functioning website.

How we built Fridge-Track

We built this front-end app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We used Jquery and Bootstrap to speed up designing and coding process and to make the page more interactive. We also used the quagga API to add a barcode scanning function into the app which allows users to scan barcodes with web cams and find out information such as price about the items.


Challenges e faced include how to add the barcode scanning api. It is hard to scan with web cameras and it took a long time to figure out how to do that. We also had difficulties in designing what the page will look like and how to make it match the purpose.

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