After staying up all night hacking/working deadlines it can be hard to think of what to make for dinner. Sometimes you just find yourself in a slump and you could use a suggestion. We have you covered! With our web app you can discover recipes that were hiding under your nose the whole time!!

Another one of our members was inspired to used the Snapkit to create a Snapchat filter with the GitHub mascot Octocat for the MLH prizes.

What it does

Our app takes an image link of your fridge and analyzes the image using powerful software to determine what is inside it. Based on the ingredients your camera see's the webapp can recommend you a number of convenient recipes that can be made with the available ingredients.

How we built it

We developed a Python script to allow two complex API's to collaborate using JSON formatted information. The Clarifai could identify the food present in the fridge while Spoonacular API could analyze the data and return the best recipes to the user as links they can actually click on. The website is built using HTML5 & CSS3 with Bootstrap to help with formatting and a backend built in the Flask Python framework. Flask was not only in charge of coordinating the API's but also with dynamically generating content for the website.

Challenges we ran into

It was the first time our team undertook a challenge of such ambitious scale and a majority of the technologies, such as Snapkit, Flask, and JSON were entirely new to our group. Understanding how to interface with JSON data and use it to create dynamic websites was a task that took great ingenuity and troubleshooting skills.

We had to experiment and tweak several recipe API's until we found one that allowed for reverse search of ingredients.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're able to use the API's to spectacular effect while not compromising on the visual aspects of the site.

What we learned

We gained exposure to abroad array of technologies many of us had never been aware of. We learned how to create scalable webpages utilizing data from dynamic sources. Integrating the APIs was the pivotal moment in our project.

What's next for Fridge me up inside

Using IoT to pinpoint the needs of the user or Google Cloud Platform to store a database of users and help people be conscious of their eating habits and health through analyzing software. Another avenue would be further integration through Snapchat to allow the social media connoisseur to share their cooking experience!

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