The world has a major hunger problem. If we can implement technology to effectively optimize the distribution of food resources we can reduce world hunger significantly. This helps pave a way to give back to our communities and make life better for less privileged in our communities.

This app will help people give back to there communities easier. It's will also help keep track of food so that you don't have too much or too little of an item.

What it does

This app will assist people to stay on top of your grocery list. We can add and remove items from our grocery without a click of a button. All we have to do is say it. This app also helps keep track of expiration dates. It lets us know if things are going to expire in three days. Th gives us an option to donate to the closest food shelter to us. We can also order food from a grocery store or through amazon whole food store. Add food Remove food - check order

How we built it

We built this service with python, and AWS technologies such as Lamda, Alexa, and DynamoDB

Challenges we ran into

Code kept breaking :P

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we got to learn and work with some amazing technologies like AWS technology such as Lamda, Amazon Echo, and Alexa; We also got add some amazing skills to what we already knew.

What we learned

Everything we worked on was brand new for us except for some things.

What's next for Fridge Genie

We want to take advantage of all the information we collect on what groceries people have, and what they are buying, in order to optimize the distribution of food resources around the world. We can use machine learning tools like clustering to accomplish this.

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