Our Idea and Inspiration

We created Fridge Cloud in order to reduce food-waste and bring smaller, local communities together. Our app is aimed for change human's perceptions and behavior about food-waste. Unfortunately our "inspiration" was the fact that 1/3 of the consumed food goes into the trash and we really wanted to make a change with our app.

During the idealization part we were sure that the main purpose of our project should be sustainability and raise awareness in communities. The climate crisis is the biggest issue for us nowadays in spite of this huge topic we wanted to start from "the bottom". Fridge Cloud's target-audience are families and households because after all these are the cells of our society. The core idea of Fridge Cloud is the following: the users can share the leftovers or ingredients they don't need and people from the neighborhood are able to book it and pick up. Fridge Cloud also has a feature where it offers recipes based on the food list the user reserved. Through this food sharing community people are also able to reduce their carbon footprint. For example the demand for meat could decrease on the market because of our food sharing app which means the supply (of cows) will also decrease so as carbon dioxide in the air. At the same time people will also buy less plastic if they are a part of our food share community. Just imagine if you buy tomatoes in a plastic package and you couldn't eat it before your holiday. In case your neighbor pick it up, he doesn't have to buy one (in a other plastic box).

How we built

We built the website with node.js with express.js, and mongodb in the backend. In order to have a complete multi-user food sharing platform, we used Passport for management. We also used Typeform in order to implement the feature of offering leftovers to the community by the users. We used their embedded API and their responses API. To be able to offer the users recipes based on the chosen ingredients we used the Edamam Recipe API. On the front-end we used Materialize CSS to build a user friendly, modern looking UI.

Challenges we apply for

We think that our solution is quit multi-functional so we would like to apply for the following challenges below:

  • Facebook --> Fridge Cloud brings smaller communities closer together. The users can expand their social network within the neighborhood although not just "the coordinates" bring them together but a good cause and a common passion: sustainability ad consciousness.
  • Opentrends --> We have to do for our future every day, that's why our solution is focusing on a big issue in everyday life: food-waste and how to reduce it. Because conscious people think about their future in the present.
  • Thoughtworks --> Our solution is raise awareness through reducing food-waste but food is also closely connected with carbon footprint which we think we are able to reduce.
  • Typeform --> In our solution we used Typeform to provide our users the opportunity to share if they have food to share.
  • Everis --> People who are aware how they live, what they eat, can work together for a sustainable city.
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