So we wanted to develop scheduler algorithm for small business _ It's actually our first Hackathon.So we were like 'why not'? _ Alt text


Employee Time Management System for Small Businesses

What it does

*Our project enables small business to efficiently manage and schedule employee's work hours. There may be times when employees have certain preferences for work and the process has to be automated. Or may be, sometimes, a business can have sudden sick calls! Our project aims to simply the scheduling process. Bootstrap *

How we built it

Google Cloud Platform

*We had to really be busy a lot with various languages. Thankfully, four of us had background from multitude of domains and multitude of languages. We actually used google cloud services a lot, from databases, cloud functions, hosting VMs, hosting apps and APIs. *

Challenges we ran into

We had to integrate front-end and back-end and that was the most tidious task of all. Passing parameters, reading input, parsing arguments back and forth. We had problems with our API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really enjoyed the event. 36hours is such a little time. In fun, we have no idea how fast the time went on. We did the project as a team, laughed a lot and made new friends, learnt new things that we could only learn under such a challenging environment.

What we learned

We learned how fun programming can be, and at the same time how challenging it can be. Sometimes codes don't just work. We should all appreciate the time the Devs give to write software and the most important of all, people who write freeware software.

What's next for Friday

We are actually thinking of working on another project related to ML based human interaction software for the blind. Stay tuned.

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