Recently, I learned that many people experience disrespect, humiliation, and even sexual assault at the gynecologist's office. Patients are supposed to receive quality healthcare as well as support at the clinics, but distrust and fear of doctors can discourage them from seeking out professional medical help. I wanted to build a mobile application where people can prepare for their appointments by researching related information but also receive support to receive the most comfortable and safe experience.

What it does

Freya provides information on health concerns patients can consult with their doctors about and types of examinations performed during routine check ups. It also displays a map of gynecologists near the user's area so that they can find well-reviewed professionals.

How I built it

Using React Native, I created components to combine healthcare information and the list of local doctors. Gynecologist data is pulled from an external API, where the nearest 10 doctors are displayed on the map.

What's next for Freya

I would love to implement a comment system where users can post reviews for their gynecologists. Ideally, this would provide a platform for users to search for and recommend trusted doctors. Moreover, given that I had no experience or knowledge on healthcare, I would also collaborate with healthcare professionals to provide the most accurate information possible.

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