So often, food in our pantries or refrigerators goes bad or perhaps we simply can't find an item that we're looking for. We wanted a simple way to keep track of the items in our kitchen to both let us know when something is getting old or if we have a certain item in stock.

What it does

This project supplies a simple, easy to use interface for tracking food items that enter and leave the house.


To show the incredible modularity in our project, we have incorporated our technology into a high performance, toasting appliance. This object can then be left in a kitchen to blend with other common household items. The hardware consists of a raspberry pi computer connected to the web application and a high-performance barcode reader. The software consists of a web application build in nuxt.js and can run locally or through our google cloud server. The API backend runs on our google cloud server.


Throughout the course of this project we ran into a several difficult of challenges which included:

  • In registering the dns nameservers were down and no longer resolving our domain to anything. Do we had to call them on the phone and talk to them through tech support to get our domain up and running through a google cloud dns. -Establishing effective communication between the various pieces of our project including the communication between the front-end and back-end and the communication between the back-end and the MongoDB atlas database.


In the end, we were able to construct our MVP for our design which included a smart toaster, a fully functional web-application, a google cloud hosted backend, and a MongoDB database.

What we learned

All in all, we have grown a lot as a team. One of the most significant lessons we've learned is that one of the most important steps in any project is a well managed scope. It is very easy to over-step our time constraints which results in an unfinished project in the end.

What's next?

Moving forward, we see the potential of integrating our toasty system into other common household appliances or even in it's own standalone product. Our foundations for the web server and API are strong so scaling up would only require the refining of our code which can be easly accomplished given more time.

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