Hackathons are a great way to learn, make connections, and have fun. Unfortunately, many people are put off by hackathons because not being able to form a team can be anxiety-inducing, demoralizing, and overall not fun.

What it does

Our platform streamlines the team formation process. Each person's profile displays pertinent information such as skillset and interests. With our tinder-like swipe model, making a hackathon team is easy and fun. When people are matched with each other, they can start chatting. In addition, we are able to recommend people that are closer to your social network(degrees of separation) so the user meets people they are likely to know or have mutual friends with. We are also able to recommend people further away to for a more exciting and dynamic experience.


  • Flutter
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Challenges we Faced

3 of our team members had no experience in Flutter, making the app development extremely difficult.


We are proud of our UI design as well as our algorithm to recommend people.

What we learned

We researched lots about graph theory algorithms as well as Flutter development.

What's next?

We believe that there are many other bonus features we could add, such as grouping people based on interests/contrasting skillsets.

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