'Fresh Morning' is an alarm application for Samsung gear. It uses a new way you turn off alarm and the way is stretching. I recommend this application to people who can’t wake up with other alarms.

We developed Fresh Morning for people who have trouble to wake up in the mornings but want to straighten up the designed schedule. The existing applications are sure of themselves as devil’s applications which shall wake you up, but actually they do such thing statically. If a user must do a simple motion, for example, an exercise, it would be beneficial to your mind and mentality. However, exercise motions are sometimes bothersome, and difficult to do with a smartphone in your hand, which is not so smart. If you use Galaxy gear 2, such troubles will be gone. Gear 2 on your wrist will free your both hands. If using an accelerometer, it is easy to maintain and check accurate pose. We never doubt the encounter of this alarm application and Galaxy Gear 2 with accelerometer and gyroscope will be a popular application for the modern people.

Most users think they should have one alarm application and download one. They would use once or twice after installing. Usage frequency may decrease because of simple alarm function or unnecessary multi function. On the other hand, Fresh Morning provides and recognizes simple but addictive stretching poses using the strength, the accelerometer, of Gear 2. Soon it helps you refresh and calm your mind with simple exercise effects. This point is how this application is differentiated from others, and the strength of the application.

Wear a Galaxy Gear 2. Before creating an alarm, a user can select the time and the hand for Gear 2 of your interest, and vibration/sound. If alarm goes on, follow the motion on the gear screen slowly and maintain for 5 times. If you could follow the 4 poses, you are successful. If you give up in the middle or didn’t do the correct motion, it goes back to the very first motion.

Mobile devices have become necessaries in our daily life. Gear 2 replaces some functions of smartphones, and also enables things that smartphones couldn’t. First, it frees your both hands; it enables you to exercise freely. In addition, the accelerometer and gyroscope on Gear 2 is right for the fitness fields. I believe that if an application to be used in the real life for customers and productivity are added to already commercialized Gear 2, it could attract more customers.

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