When we were freshmen, we wished we had an application that matched us based on interest and location to other dorms. So, we created a web application that does just that.

What it does

Our application consists of a questionnaire that freshmen fill out with their major, dorm, and interests, and runs the data through our algorithm that matches them to other freshmen based on percentages calculated from similar interests, majors, and dorms.

How we built it

We built two servers using the AWS hosting service, one server is our web server and the other is our database server. We used PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create a form on the web server that takes the information and sends it to the database server, where the data is run through our algorithm using functions we wrote in SQL. After the algorithm is run, the data is returned to the web server, where we format it and use the Linux mail utility to send an email to the user's Mizzou email address from the web server that contains the names of the individuals that the user matched with, their pawprint, and the score that represents how similar the individuals are (a higher score means that the individuals are more similar).

Challenges we ran into

Learning the Microsoft Graph API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning a significant amount of SQL, including making functions and performing our algorithms on the database server in SQL.

What we learned

APIs can be complex to learn while also learning more about multiple languages in the span of 48 hours.

What's next for Freshman Friend Finder

We're going to try to implement an API that allows mail to be sent easier and in a nicer format that we have currently.

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