Many students gets graduated every year. A lot of people cannot find a job for about 4 months. Maybe the toughest part of the IT is how to get employed when you haven't any work experience.

Internships give you a chance. You can get a foot in the door. Internships serve as an important signal that students are ready to work. In a recent study, students who had an internship on their CV received 14% more offers for an interview than those who did not. According to a research doing internships also leads to higher wages than students who don’t have an internship.

What it does

It connects employees and newly graduated students.

Students come to our site and fill out the form, which is a short variant of resume. Then we collect and process that information. We check students skills by scanning his/her Github repositories. Next we send the information about our applicants to the small/medium enterprises which provide internships and seeking for a students.

Key goals:

  • Skills check - we look at the projects, not on the resume. We know, how long the student was studying from the Github.
  • One form - plenty of vacancies - student shoul fill only one form in order to get access to hundreds of companies. It never was so easy!

How we built it

We used classic frontend + backend pair. For the frontend we used Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS/JS. On the backend site was Python3/Django. The complex logic of our app (Github API integration, email sending) was made purely on Django. We used wireframing tool Balsamiq in order to draw a little concept of our app.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenges was deployment, domain acquisition and emailing system.

Since backend developer didn't have any experience with email system, it was tricky to make it. Also there was a problem with domain system as .xyz support team was too slow and didn't provide domain for us. But anyway we use free .pythonanywhere domain and we're happy!

Also a good challenge was to handle management and assign tasks to the team members. But we made it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully-featured talent acquisition app based on the public Github API - isn't it cool? Also we're proud that we found the connect between team members and get the things done!

What we learned

We learned how to spend our time, how to distribute tasks. We learned a lot of technical stuff like email sending, advanced git workflow etc. Personally I was excited about the work with keen enthusiasts which may change the world. I think, it worth it.

What's next for FreshIntern

We'll get a new domain, make an account system in order to allow users to track their success - which amount of enterprises applied his/her resume. Also we plan to add an async support, because we need as little API requests as possible and we need to improve our response time.

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