We are a team of 3 people from the University of Waterloo and we created a cross platform application named OnlyGoOnce. This app was designed to address a specific problem that us three have faced since we arrived in California about a month ago. Since we are from outside of the bay area and we want our time in California to be full of as many experiences as possible. One way we can do this is by trying out as many different restaurants around the Bay area to really understand the food scene in California. We have spent too much time manually searching through Google and Yelp to find restaurants that we haven’t been to in our vicinity. This is a tedious task and googling the word ‘food’ just doesn’t seem right sometimes. Thus, we came to Calhacks with an idea that will benefit us constantly and not just collect dust in some Github repo. Our application comes with three different features that all tie in with trying to avoid going to a restaurant multiple times, although we eased this restriction for places we would really enjoy. The first feature is basically a roulette that uses the Here Places API to find several restaurants close to your area and compares those to places you have already been or avoid going to. The second feature is a list of 5 options in the area that you haven’t been to that you could try. Lastly, our last feature is to allow you to search for restaurants close to some point in the world. This could be beneficial if you are planning to be somewhere else in the day then your current position and would like to plan ahead. With all restaurant choice pages, we provide the user with the option to request an Uber to take them to their picked restaurant. Thus, we provide a service that allows you to keep a fresh taste in your mouth while feasting on some good food.

Some challenges we ran into was trying to get set up on Azure and using Here Javascript API with Angular.js. We also had some Oauth issues as our Oauth for both Google+ and Facebook is a bit buggy on mobile devices and we were not able to fix it in time. Time was our biggest issue, we spent a lot of time trying to build out our backend that we didn't spend as much time improving our features. We hope to continue working on this after the hackathon and hopefully have it live in production.

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