Professionals often want to share their knowledge. That's why they write articles on Medium and answer questions on StackOverflow. Peer review is one more way to help each other, and that's what the idea is about. It would be great to have a community of volunteer mentors that can be asked to review your work.

(NB I don't mean reviews for commercial projects. It is just for pet projects or labs)

Why to request for review:

  • For a novice: feedback from a professional helps to grow faster
  • For a specialist: sometimes you need a fresh eye. Your idea may be too complicated to be a question on StackOverflow, so you need a code review and opinion from someone else.

Why to make a review:

  • Being a mentor is a level-up for any professional
  • A reviewer also can learn from other projects. They can notice good approaches and see typical mistakes

For both sides it is a great networking opportunity as it is a real demonstration how people work.

My description above is mostly from a software engineer perspective. However, it may also come in handy for other roles in software development companies as well as in non-IT industries & businesses. Any ideas and input are welcome.

Main features for PoC:

  • Personal profiles
  • Review flow
  • Ratings, badges and other rewards
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