For Freshdesk or Freshservice customers, having a portal page is a must-have need. But currently, the default portal page offers only basic customisations. To edit something you either need to have deep knowledge of html,css and javascript or have to have to go to and fro with a third party to build your portal site. Waisting your time and money. We have a better way of building your portal page.

What sol do we have?

We have build a WYSIWYG GUI builder with which freshdesk admins can build, customize their own company portal themes portal pages on their very own without the knowledge of html,css or javascript.

How we built it

We used javascript with ember.js framework.

Challenges we ran into

  • Freshdesk used liquid html format to show dynamic content. It was a good challenge implementing a renderer engine that compiles liquid to html and vice verse.
  • Implementing dynamic preview to users interaction to the portal was also challenging.

What's next for Freshdesk Portal Builder

  • more custom components
  • javascript modules like one-click google analytics setup
  • support for freshservice
  • wizard-style Q&A theme builder
  • analyse a company website and build support page

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