Search fresh with our new, innovative algorithm that hunts down your data for you! This app helps anyone of any age to where they will be provided with a dictionary of word and eventually paragraphs of a keyword that has been searched in the app.

The inspiration of this app came from our parents where they constantly had a difficult time of finding information online. They would either run into problems such as finding information that does not relate to there initial search and coming across multiple ads. This sparked an instant idea within our group to develop an application that reduces the time of the user scanning for information and just provides the user with the information that they need.

We furthered our knowledge in machine learning to model that can generate key words and sentences. Data scraping for finding words on google that relate to the search key from the user as well.

Through tireless nights and long hours, we built this program with our own hands. We primarily used Java and Python to create this project. Webscraping was done in Python, Parsing and Machine Learning was done through Java. We trained our language model through multiple pieces of classic literature, with the model training itself as it is being used.

We faced a few challenges. We had time constraints that were challenging. We had trouble detecting ratios from user input and keyword detection. However, we had valiantly powered through and ironed it all out.

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