Technology can vastly improve many areas of healthcare. We were all passionate about developing an application that would improve health outcomes for patients living with a chronic disease.

By creating an application following an integrative medicine approach to healthcare, we can greatly impact our community on multiple levels: elevating the health and well-being, reducing healthcare costs through preventative actions, and over the long term reducing unnecessary deaths from preventable chronic diseases.

What it does

Prescription Notifications - Ensures proper dosage and frequency of Rx Goal-setting - Keeps both physician and patient informed of progress Pre-templated Lifestyle Roadmaps - specific diet, exercise, and stress reduction plans for each chronic disease type Metrics - the application records caloric intake and servings via the pre-templated meal/recipes

How I built it

Team Alex Ariza, Product Manager & First Time “Hacker” June Chen, UI/UX Designer & First Time "Hacker" Redion Kadilliu, Programmer Selena Gabrielle, UI/UX Designer & First Time "Hacker"

Rough UI/UX Design using Invision - Alex, Selena, Redion, & June Figma Layouts - Selena & June React Native - Redion

Challenges I ran into

Assembling the team. Very difficult. (Programming) Figuring out how to nest a stack navigator inside a tab navigator. Fitting. (UX) Understanding the abstract vision enough to turn into a concrete idea

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

(UX) Finishing six prototype slides in one day! It’s the fastest I’ve ever been able to complete these kinds of drafts. Both of our UI/UX designers are first time hackers, so it was a very rewarding experience being able to put on the screen what we envisioned our project to be.

What I learned

(P. Manager)Time management and team building. (Programming) Adding a dropdown picker and checkboxes in react native. Inserting a chart on the app as well as connecting to google maps. (UX) I learned how to use Figma and develop a cohesive look with another designer

What's next for Fresh Med

Development: Integrate with EHR systems like EPIC and Allscripts Affiliations: Insurance companies, Gyms, online meal plan subscriptions, and local supermarkets

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